Highway 81 Revisited Premieres "Not Gonna Run" Official Video  

Toney Rocks sees his new song, “Not Gonna Run,” as “a kind of personal anthem.” 

“It says everything that it needed to say,” says the Las Vegas singer, songwriter and guitarist.  

It just took a little while to say it. That’s because Rocks had lost a new guitar tuning he had written down, which would form the framework for the song. Luckily, he found that paper about a year ago. 

The song, whose video makes its debut here today, will be part of an upcoming EP, which is due for a January release. Rocks, whom Las Vegas weekly named one of 10 Las Vegas Artists to Watch for 2017, said the new release will “in the same vein” as his previous recordings...

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Finally got a much needed and sought after songwriting night! This came about completely by accident with a lovely story to go along with it. One day my son calls with a request from left field. “Daddy can you come for my first day of school”. Mind you, he lives in Maryland… clear across the country! Without hesitation I say, “of course”… Fast forward a month, I make the trip across the country by car, mainly because I’m a complete nutcase! However, I wasn’t crazy enough not to bring every acoustic guitar I own. 

That’s how I found myself lodging at a dear friends house in Delaware for two weeks, where one night I had the house completely to myself. Out in the countryside, rain storm howling… I pulled out all the guitars and sat down to finish up some songs I had been working on. Nothing but the sound of acoustic guitars and my voice singing into the night filled the air. It was fantastic to be able to pull out all the tools so every part of the machine can get oiled up… We have to always have time, make space and find solitude to tend to our craft. I can’t wait to share these new songs with the world both live and through upcoming recordings.


Northwest Florida Daily News Q&A with Toney Rocks 

Toney Rocks sat down with Northwest Florida Daily New for a beachside chat about the current word on his music.

By Special to the Daily News 

Want to know more about local and visiting music artists? We do, too, so we asked! 

In today's Headliner feature, meet Toney Rocks. He will perform at 9 p.m. Friday at Green Door Music Hall, 158 Miracle Strip Parkway SE, Fort Walton Beach. 

Q: Describe your music's vibe in 5 words or less? 

A: Soul-stirring solo acoustic Americana. 

Q: Who are your top 3 influences? 

A: Jackson Browne, Keb' Mo', Richie Havens. 

Q: What are your pre-performance rituals? 

A: Breathe and look at the stage all set up, and I'm ready to go. I will think about every obstacle I've fought through, the people who believed in me so much to help me get there, especially think about the people who push against me and everything that's depending on me to win. Be grateful for the moment and journey. Then, I look into the seats and say to myself, "Whoever walks through those doors is going to get everything I got. I'm leaving it all on the stage like it's my last opportunity."...

Q: What do you hope people will think when they hear your music? 

A: My lyrics can be heavy at times, but I don't want them to be burdensome. I want people to enjoy letting me take them on an emotional journey through the stories I sing. I want them to either find themselves in the songs or have an empathetic connection with people in the stories. Then think, "I have to see him again and tell everyone about him." 

Q: What music are you listening to right now? 

A: Nothing really. Oddly enough, my car rides are silent unless I'm listening to business talks or interviews on YouTube. I don't just sit around and listen to music. I'm honestly not that big of a fan of much it that's out right now, so what I listen to is usually of the older artists. 

I love James Taylor's CD from last year and, of course, Jackson Browne gets a healthy amount of plays. Here's the thing, if I listen to something too much, I'll start to adapt that into what I'm doing without even thinking about it. 

I don't really sound like anyone that's out right now, and I like that. So, I listen to just enough to get some stimulation, inspiration or to sing along to favorite songs. But, I really admire what current guys, like Gary Clark Jr., and Benjamin Clementine, are doing.

Q: What music is your guilty pleasure?

A: House and trance, especially artists like Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond and The Crystal Method, though they aren't trance or house. 

Q: What's in the works in your music career? 

A: Tour, tour, tour and content, content, content! I really want to release a slew of videos this year. We have a handful of new singles with official videos and live videos releasing through out 2017-18. "Run to the Night" released about a month ago, and I'm looking to release another song in a couple months or so. My team and I are really working hard to reach as many new fans as possible 'cause while we like chairs, we'd much rather they have warm bodies in 'em!

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"Run to the Night" OFFICIAL Music Video Released 

Toney Rocks released the OFFICIAL music video for his latest single, "Run to the Night". Filmed in January on the chilly streets of Los Angeles by Amor Amour, the video stars actress and independent musician Sariyah Idan. "Run to the Night" is a song about a beautiful woman with a tattered past trying desperately to outrun her demons under the cover of the night. Watch this wonderful song come to life right before your eyes. 

Las Vegas Weekly Says Add Toney Rocks to Your 2017 Playlist 

Image by  Mikayla Whitmore

Since dance music became mainstream, many musicians have given up their guitars and drum kits for synthesizers and mixers. Singer-songwriter Toney Rocks actually did the reverse. “I used to produce dance music, and I loved that,” he says. “What got me out of that was when I tried to be a DJ. I was getting paid a lot of money to just twist knobs and thought, this is bullsh*t. I want to play instruments.” 

One might scratch their head at his transition from dance to Americana and folk (by way of the blues). But becoming a singer-songwriter is the logical conclusion for the musician whose longtime favorite musicians care as much about the lyrics and narrative as they do the authenticity and craft of the music—James Taylor, Vince Gill, Keb’ Mo’ and especially Jackson Browne. Rocks follows in that same tradition of storytelling on last year’s No Road Too Long and recent single “Run to the Night.” Since he moved here from Delaware last March, he’s been sharing those stories on the local open-mic circuit, along with playing on his own at venues like Boulder Dam Brewing Company and Artifice, assisted only by his acoustic guitar. 

Rocks refuses to believe Las Vegas isn’t a town for singer-songwriters. “There’s a pocket for the genre anywhere,” he says. “It’s not an issue of getting gigs. It’s an issue of rooms paying you. It’s a matter of finding the people.” Which he’s positioning himself to do with his active YouTube channel and goal to play 200 shows—here and on tour—this year alone. “I’m about quantity. I want to work as much as possible and reach as many people as possible.” –Mike Prevatt



Had an extraordinary time hanging out at the Teton Guitars headquarters in Idaho Falls filming a little jam session with my buddy and outlaw country specialist, Lorin Walker Madsen. When a folk guy and a country guy gets together it's only a matter of time before ole Merle Haggard get thrown into the conversation. Here's a little tribute to The Hagg... Click Play :)

New Single "Run to the Night Release" 

The new year is always a time of excitement and optimism. We all feel an elevated sense of power and control over our own destiny. I'm looking forward to 2017 being a great year full of awesome shows and grand accomplishments. To get the momentum going, I've released my latest new single, "Run to the Night". It's a song about a beautiful girl trying desperately to out run the demons of her tattered past. 

I had the pleasure of recording this song along with a cool in studio video at Tone Factory in Las Vegas, Nevada with engineer/producer Vinnie Castaldo. Check it out and let me know what you think!