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Red Planet Session

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Recorded and filmed Sunday May 20, 2019 at Red Planet Recording in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, Toney Rocks + The Rejects met up with studio owner and engineer Joe Smiley to capture a raw in-the-moment live performance of three songs.

"Goodbye" is a newer song that he has been using to open shows. It sets the tone for the vibe of taking a long drive down a western desert highway. The other two songs, "Drifting" and "Not Gonna Run" are staples that appear on Toney Rocks 2017 studio EP, DRIFTING.

"This session came from the idea that I needed more live video that had equally badass sound and badass video. A lot of people, from fans on to promoters, would say that the studio albums were good, but they didn't hold a candle to the live show. So it's been a goal to deliver a bunch of live videos that'll show what the shows feel like." Toney reflects on the project.

From there, RED PLANET SESSION became a bigger ambition to be released as an EP as well as a series of music videos. Toney says, "Studio albums and live (shows) are very different from each other. With a studio album, you're listening to a series of very specific moments in time that we've tried our best to merge together and make this perfect piece of artwork. Most times, if not every time, that perfect piece of artwork sounds great, but still lacks the immediacy and rawness of the moment. Even live shows in front of an audience are different than live performances in the studio because the audience adds an irreplaceable energy. But I love the way RED PLANET SESSION came out. We didn't play either of the three songs more than twice each. If you keep playing a song over and over after about 2-3 times, you start losing the moment and slip into over thinking."

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