Toney Rocks Florida Hotel



This song {Drifting} is really lovely, you’ve definitely got something special here” - Anna Bond (Songtrust)

"Toney Rocks has a wonderfully unique voice.." - Bob Boilen (NPR Tiny Desk)

After two years on the scene, Toney Rocks suddenly left Las Vegas for a round-the-clock commitment to the road. 

"For years I really tried to have the best of two different worlds, and it consistently fell apart. It was just time to decide how I'm going to live my life as a creator", Toney says on his abrupt Las Vegas departure last August. "Simply put... a three-year relationship that drove me to move from the east coast to Vegas ended. The road, my tenacity for the business, and probably my inability to balance that took its toll on a relationship that was built of a faulty foundation to begin with. But I've known for a long time that what society would call a normal life just isn't for me", Rocks continues. 

As frustrating as the experience was, the misfortune of the relationship's demise gave way to a wealth of new deeply interpersonal songs and a redefined commitment to a lifestyle; not just a career path. Over the past several months, Toney Rocks has been chipping away a scheme to tour relentlessly and deliver his unapologetic truth through music, writing, and social commentary. "I'm really coming into myself as an artist now. It's something I believe can't be separated. For me, it's all or nothing. After releasing DRIFTING, I saw exactly what the last five or six years had been building up too. I was finally telling my truth and not playing to what I thought people wanted to hear and see.", Rocks says about his growth as an artist. 

DRIFTING, is the latest album the singer-songwriter has been touring in support of since 2018. It features five songs performed by Rocks on acoustic guitar, ukulele and piano, recorded primarily in Las Vegas at The Tone Factory with producer Vinnie Castaldo.

Toney Rocks also has a new music releases on the horizon. In a few weeks he will release a music video from a live recording session called, RED PLANET SESSION, that was performed with his band The Rejects. This session features two songs from the DRIFTING album, "Not Gonna Run" and the titled song "Drifting", as well as a new unreleased song, "Goodbye". This session will be available as an EP as well, which will lead into a studio album slated to be recorded this fall and released in 2020. 

Back in 2017, The Las Vegas Weekly included Toney Rocks as one of the Top 10 Las Vegas Based Artists to Watch. Outside of music, Toney is soon to launch a podcast aimed at using his travels across the country to show Americans how similar we are at the core, and help take blinders off of social-political sigmas and stereotypes that hold us back from mutual understanding.