Cinematic Guitar Looping

Toney Rocks demonstrates and discusses how he uses looping to create his cinematic sounds using various guitars and pedals.

Panels & Lectures

Toney Rocks is an excellent speaker with his informative up-front and honest comedic presentation style. The way that he interacts with fellow speakers on panels as well as audiences is almost as magical as seeing him on a concert stage. Attendees applaud his stark honesty and refusal to pull punches when it comes to navigating the music business.  In these settings, Toney speaks on current tactics he personally uses to build and sustain his career. He speaks in various settings including music conferences, colleges, high schools and music stores.

A brief list of his speaking events include:
Chesbro Music
Jeff's Music
Singer-Songwriter of Cape May Conference
Millenium Music Conference
Delaware State University
Arcadia High School Career Day
Phoebus High School